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Founded through a successful partnership in 2019 out of a desire to bring added value to the manufacturing industry, ProMold was fully taken over by co-founder Sergiu Opris in 2021 and started operations in the factory in Cisnădie, Str. Transilvaniei nr.5.
With significant annual growth, ProMold has developed a portfolio of major customers that provides predictability to the plant.
The ProMold factory can now offer customers precision metal parts, CAD-CAM services, plastic injection moulding and manual and semi-automated assembly.

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Sergiu Opriș

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Technical expertise.

ISO:9001 certification and technical expertise through qualified staff.

Last generation.

State-of-the-art production equipment and production hall built to Automotive standards.

Fast delivery.

Delivery time of less than 10 days, flexibility, efficient communication and short response time.


Our company vision is to be an international brand and achieve excellence in engineering and business.
We produce for the world's most renowned clients, have consistent significant growth and have a strong impact in supporting and developing our team, business partners and community.


We provide high complexity precision parts and complete engineering solutions to the highest standards, with a focus on continuous team development, customer needs and exceeding customer expectations.


1. Progress

We are committed to continuous improvement, efficiency and progress. Regardless of the context, we choose to be better today than yesterday and base our actions on this principle

2. Clarity

Discipline, order and cleanliness are indispensable for clarity. We will create clear and simple structure and workflows for all team members and maintain a high standard of order and cleanliness in production and offices at all times

3. Integrity

We will choose truth in front of customers, team and suppliers regardless of the context. We will do whatever is necessary to act fairly and demonstrate our integrity through transparency and personal accountability

4. Excellence

To achieve outstanding results, we will always strive for excellence through our actions. This will be a differentiator.

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